Wedding Cake Flavour Menu

Photography Credit: Anthony Crothers Photography

Do you have a favourite wedding cake flavour?

This has got to be the best part right?! 

-which flavours will you choose?

"Classic" Wedding Cake Flavours

Classic Vanilla

vanilla sponge with strawberry or raspberry conserve and vanilla buttercream

Classic Chocolate

chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercream

Classic Chocolate & Raspberry

chocolate sponge with raspberry conserve and vanilla or raspberry buttercream

Chocolate Orange

chocolate and orange sponge with orange buttercream

Coffee & Walnut

coffee sponge with walnuts pieces and coffee buttercream

Moist Lemon

lemon drizzle sponge layered with lemon curd and vanilla buttercream

Cherry Bakewell

almond flavour sponge with cherry conserve and vanilla buttercream

Delicious "Indulgent" Flavours

Coconut & Lime

coconut sponge with a lime syrup drizzle with zingy lime buttercream

Cookies & Cream

vanilla sponge and vanilla buttercream, both with pieces of Oreo cookies

Salted Caramel

caramel sponge with salted caramel buttercream and salted caramel sauce

Rich Chocolate Fudge

a really rich chocolate fudge cake (almost chocolate brownie-like) with vanilla buttercream

(Bailey’s liqueur drizzle optional)

Dark Chocolate Guinness

slightly fudgey chocolate cake with a tang of Guinness to offset the sweetness, with vanilla buttercream

Raspberry & White Chocolate

white chocolate sponge with raspberry pieces, vanilla and white chocolate buttercream and raspberry conserve

Rich Choc Orange Fudge

chocolate and orange fudge cake with orange buttercream

(Cointreau liqueur drizzle optional)

Moist Orange

orange sponge with orange syrup drizzle layered with orange curd and vanilla buttercream

Rich Fruit Cake

the ultimate traditional celebration cake packed with fruit and laced with brandy. Allow 3 months notice to allow the cake to be fed and mature

The Icing on the Cake

My iced cakes are covered in luxurious chocolate ganache (or marzipan for the rich fruit cake) and premium vanilla-flavoured sugarpaste.


Buttercream-coated cakes can be iced in a buttercream flavour of your choice.


These are my tried and tested wedding cake flavours. I make each cake freshly to order using great quality ingredients and are baked without artificial preservatives.

wedding cake flavour-dark chocolate
semi-naked salted caramel cake with salted caramel drip wedge serving

Food Intolerances & Allergens

I am trained in dealing with food intolerances and allergens, it is very important that you let me know if you have any dietary requirements when enquiring about cakes.


I am vegetarian and I have coeliac disease so I really do understand the importance of what goes into your cake and I have procedures in place to avoid cross-contamination with allergen-containing ingredients. This is made easier to manage as I only like to make one wedding cake per week.


I do use all 14 allergens named by the Food Standards Agency in my kitchen however so please note that I cannot give any absolute allergen-free guarantees where very severe allergies and intolerances are concerned. I am very happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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